General Rules
1.) No reflinks - reflinks are allowed only in Get Referrals section and Advertise Here section.
2.) No url shorteners such as
3.) Do not insult other members, no flaming. Respect each other.
4.) No pornography or suggestive material or illegal things.
5.) No spam.
6.) No advertising - advertising allowed only in Advertise Here section.
7.) No thread hijacking - if someone else posts reflink in the thread as first, do not post your reflink for the same program there - allowed only in Downline Builder section ONLY IF you sign up under the last correct reflink.
8.) Bumping allowed 1x in 24h. Double posting is not allowed - your next post in the same thread has to be minimum 24h after your previous post. If you need to add something - edit your post.
9.) Do not create more than 1 thread about the same topic.

PTC and GPT Sites section
- no reflinks
- for New Sites and Stable Sites write if you are admin or not

Downline Builder section
- you are allowed to post your reflink ONLY IF you sign up under the last correct reflink
- 1 thread per program (use search function!)

List Your Website or Blog section
- write only about YOUR website or blog
- no reflinks

If you break the rules your topic/post will be edited/deleted and you may receive a warning or a ban.