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New Sites / Stellarcrystal - The third website from Francy Junger!
« Last post by danides on March 04, 2023, 20:27:35 »
Brand new intact program from Francy Junger, a capable lady.

This is the third website from Francy Junger and, if you are  a member of CrystalClearFunds or CrystalStaking you surely know how good she is.

She is paying on time since over 3 years on CrystalclearFunds
and CrystalStaking..join Today, you will not regret it:

The program is a Multi-coin Passive earning Platform working
with several coins of the Cardano Blockchain.

We do offer a High Yields Passive earning Hub that is sustainable, rewarding and 100% Passive.
Stake, Relax, Earn.
Profits will add up forever because stakes never expire!

You can unstake and withdraw at any time after a short 72 hours unstaking period.
Staking percentage is not fixed and rely only on the ability to produce Staking Rewards.

The program will open its doors in a few hours and will start
generating profits instantly, as soon as you buy in..and
You will be receiving returns every 10 minutes!

Official launch date was 1st of March


Advertise Here / Adfaucetpay -
« Last post by danides on December 04, 2022, 21:37:20 »
Get rewards from Invest, View Ads, do Offers,
play Games and lots more...

Earn bitcoins by viewing advertisements.
Earn from home.
Guaranteed ads daily.
Earn more from offers and surveys.
10% referral commission
Instant payments with FaucetPay.
Minimum Withdraw as low as 1 Satoshi
All payments are processed instantly


Advertise Here / Peer2profit -
« Last post by danides on September 28, 2022, 20:39:49 »

The unused power of a Wi-Fi router is the Internet channel that you do not use, but for which you regularly pay to the operator.

For example, a standard home router can handle 10 to 15 devices (or more). Even if you watch Internet TV, use three laptops and five smartphones at the same time, part of your IT channel will remain idle.

However, you have already paid for this channel. And you pay for it from month to month.

The referral program of the "peer2profit" service offers a unique opportunity - to rent out the excess capacity of your Internet channel and the Internet channel of your friends and acquaintances and get paid for it!

Average channel use: 10% of available bandwidth with as many as five smartphones connecting simultaneously

How do you use the remaining 90% of bandwidth?

Choose Peer2Profit and convert it to real profit.

1. Sign in to the system.
2. Download and install the app for your OS on your or your friend’s PC.
3. Launch it and type in your email.

Install the app on all devices available to you and connected to the Internet (at home, office, in public places, etc.)

Passive income in your pocket
All you need to do is install the application

The minimum payout amount depends on the payment system. As a rule, you need from $ 2 to $ 14 to be able to withdraw them. The exact amount is specified in your personal account.

Recommended wallets
We recommend you to use these services when withdrawing money as cryptocurrency.

Qiwi, Yoomoney, Bank Card, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Payeer

Similar to Honeygain


Payment Proofs / 2nd payment from Swapnex 81 USDT
« Last post by danides on April 28, 2022, 01:05:50 »

New Sites / Re: Swapnex - Passive income
« Last post by danides on April 28, 2022, 01:05:10 »
One of the remarkable achievements for Swapnex in the nearest future will be the official release version for mobile phone.
Team of Swapnex focused on all the most essential aspects of arbitrage trading and implemented manual and auto trading tools, partner programs, and many other tools on one app. All this will be a new level of suitability in managing your funds and arbitrage trading.

Next payment

Payment Proofs / 1st payment from Swapnex
« Last post by danides on April 21, 2022, 23:54:52 »

New Sites / Swapnex - Passive income
« Last post by danides on April 17, 2022, 12:24:13 »
Swapnex PTY LTD is a trading company dedicated to cryptocurrency arbitrage. The company allows traders from all over the world to access the world’s largest exchanges and buy/sell cryptos at the most advantageous prices.

Swapnex is officially registered in Australia. Its registered office is located at Blockchain Centre, Level 1 2–26 Park St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia. The company’s registration number is 646 838 753. The platform has been operational since January 4, 2021.
Platform does not provide services to users located in Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and the USA.

What else do I need to join you?
You need to be over 18 years old. This is the only restriction we have for clients.

How confidential is my data?
We use modern security protocols, DDoS-protection, 2-Factor-Authentication and other measures for providing 100% security and anonymity of clients' data and money.

What sorts of information are required to create an account?
We are clearly aware of your wish to stay anonymous on the web and keep your funds safe. That’s why the registration process doesn’t consider entering your personal data. The only sort of info we need from you is your sign-in data: email, login, and password. To increase anonymity and ensure maximum protection, you can create a fictitious nickname and connect a Two-Factor-Authentication tool.

How to start auto trading?
Trading due to our AI solutions means delegating the work to specially designed trading bots. They will do all the same that traders usually do, but thousands of times faster and with higher accuracy.

Choose a currency pair for your order, e.g. BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, LTC/USDT, DOGE/USDT.
Enter an amount you would like the system to trade.
Choose a period of 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 180 or 360 days and start trading.
The system will automatically choose the exchanges with the most profitable prices and create cost-effective orders to buy and sell. The system will charge the sum you entered from your balance and use it for trading. You will receive daily profits within the whole period. The order amount will be returned to your balance at the end of the trading period.

Tip: use boosts to increase your income and get many other advantages. What is more, you will get a bonus for every auto trading contract opened for 45 and 60 days. Contract for 45 days — +1 order per day; contract for 60 days — +2 orders per day.

So this is the opportunity for me to write you an article summarizing the steps to follow if you want to invest on this trading bot.
You’ll see, the platform is very easy to use!

How to deposit cryptocurrencies on swapnex
▪️ You’ll have to select « Wallet » then « Add Balance ».

Select the amount you want to put on Swapnex.

Swapnex generates a crypto wallet address. This is the address on which you want to put your crypto. I suggest you to verify that the selected crypto and the network are those desired (be careful, fees will applied when depositing depending on the network. Networks with lowest fees are BEP20 and TRC20)

Then, go to your favorite exchange wallet (Binance in my case), and click on “Withdraw” on the cryptocurrency of your choice.

Confirm the withdrawal (code sent by e-mail and probably 2FA code)

After having proceeded to the deposit, wait few minutes until the transaction is validated and you’ll be able to see your account balance updated on both Binance and Swapnex

For auto trading:
▪️ You’ll have to select « Trading » then « Auto Mode ».
▪️ Then you’ll have to select the “order book” corresponding to your crypto currency. (if your deposit is some BNB, your order book will be BNB -> USDT -> BNB. If you have deposited USDT, then you have more choices available).

Select the amount you want to put into the program
About USDT, you’ll have to select the network corresponding to your deposit network. If you have deposited on TRC-20, your USDTs are available on the TRC-20 network, logic).

Select one program (30 Days, 45 Days, 60 Days or 90 Days).

And “Create Order”. And your done!

I haven’t had any problems withdrawing my money. It’s very simple, and really fast.
My profit in five days with an investment of $250. Don't forget that your investment will be returned to your account!

And that’s it! I hope this tutorial is clear enough and answers your questions. Feel free to comment if you need further help. I’ll be happy to answer you!


Advertise Here / Grab -
« Last post by danides on May 16, 2020, 14:28:55 »

GraB is more than just a faucet! Earn thousands of Satoshis every day. Claim up to 0.0125 BTC every hour.

Members Benefits:
- Claim up to 0.0125 BTC every hour.
- Earn up to 50 Satoshi by visiting shortlinks.
- Earn huge rewards by completing offers.
- Earn up to 105 Satoshi by visiting websites at PTC ad section.
- Get lifetime commissions of up to 25% every time your referrals claim!
- Complete tasks and earn levels. Every level you reach, your rewards get bigger, up to x3.75!
- Weekly and monthly Referral Contests, Offerwalls Contests and Shortlinks Contests
- Lottery: Win a big prize in our weekly lottery! Each ticket costs only 10 Satoshis!
- CPU Mining: [Optional] You can earn more by offering your CPU power. You can choose how much of you CPU power to be used for mining.
- Achievements: Claim free Bits for being active, do offerwalls, visit shortlinks, get referrals and claim faucets to get more free Bits
- Jobs: We have so many jobs, you can do them very easily and earn thousands of satoshis.
- Investment Game: Guess if Bitcoin's price will go higher or lower in the next 5 minutes and multiply your Bits. This game is 100% legit!
Bitcoin value gets updated every minute by CoinDesk, there is no way to manipulate or to know the outcome of this game.

Sister website of moremoney!

You will also get a welcome gift of 100 Bits in your account upon sign up. Use this Coupon:  1629-3658-1627-6047

GRAB - More than just a faucet!

Advertise Here / Earnsato -
« Last post by danides on May 10, 2020, 13:17:11 »

Earn up to 25 Satoshi per click
Earn up to 500 Satoshi per signup(PTSU)
Earn up to 15 Satoshi per referral click(20% Ref Earnings)
Minimum cashout is 2000 Satoshi
Withdrawals are instant for Wallet
Soon you will be also able to withdraw on your btc wallet
Statistics of your referral clicks
Friendly Support

Register now and get 150 Satoshi Free!(First 10.000 Members will get this offer)


Advertise Here / Re: Moremoney -
« Last post by danides on April 18, 2020, 14:38:28 »
By registering in MoreMoney, the account balance of new users as a sign-up #bonus will be charged randomly up to $2.5
The minimum withdraw for FaucetPay is 0.00008000 BTC
and the minimum withdraw for Direct wallet is 0.00025000 BTC

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